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Enterprise server monitoring

This is a web service for web server owners and IT consultants, who need to have a complete overview of their web services. After a simple registration, our tool allows you to monitor any web service, that is connected to the internet. Our clients use us for monitoring of cloud-based servers as an additional server monitoring solution, as a server alarm service when their website is offline completely, or responding too slowly during offline backups or another task, that consume resources heavily above server average. We can monitor any server hosted in the cloud, fully managed dedicated servers, or pure dedicated servers with root access. This solution does not depend on expensive setup, we just need to know final URL of your service to be monitored. After that, out tool will ping your web from multiple locations to bypass false alarms, and notify you in a case of any problems. Typical use case is additional uptime monitoring, located outside of your domestic data location.

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DNS server monitoring

DNS service is a critical part of every infrastructure. It's usually the first thing, that is responsible for the correct working of all services. Our company has great knowledge with DNS server monitoring, monitoring of VPN-based DNS servers, managed DNS servers, or large-scale DNS behind load balancers. Using our cloud-based technologies, you can set up your own, global DNS service, able to overcome possible DNS DDoS attacks using distributed load balancers. We can set up monitoring process for your company with intervals of 5-second checks, just to be fully sure your DNS is responding as you need. Our service is completely remote, in another word, you do not need to give us any access to the service. We can help you with a simulation of a large number of requests as well, providing you great insight into the performance of your DNS servers in case of the dramatic rise of requests or DDoS attack.


Webhosting monitor

Setting up a new web hosting plan is easy in these days. Wait, what do you know about the quality of your web hosting during months, is it stable or not? There may be many factors, that may have a significant influence on speed and availability of your website. Probably the safest option, how to avoid any website downtime is to use cloud-based server hosting - no other website is taking a part of your private cloud resources. Another choice is to use shared web hosting, a kind where your data are not alone, where you share server resources with another user. The most typical problem with shared web hosting is you do not know, how many another website is hosted on the same physical server. This gives you a long portfolio of possible problems - starting with web hosting company focus on income, instead of providing enough server resources for every website, ending in possible hack of any of sites hosted on the same server, usually resulting in high server load and non-working services (like sending emails or website availability). Our company can provide you a detailed overview of your services and their status in way of availability and speed. We can provide you information, that is not possible to discover by reading web hosting reviews. Placement of your website on a concrete server may result in problems, that are not typical for another dedicated server of your web hosting company.


Up or Down?

If you need to check fast, if your website is down, or it’s just a problem of your internet connection or DNS settings, try this tool. We test your website connection from more than 70 locations worldwide, so you can be pretty sure where’s the problem. This tool is suitable for fast decisions when you just launched expensive PPC campaign, large-scale viral content is heavily shared across social networks and you do not know if your website is down, and more cases you can imagine.


Web hosting plans comparison

Compare thousands of web hosting plans offers, that are being used by our clients of server monitoring plans. We aggregate their hosting provider’s uptimes to create ultimate, global table of server hosting outages. Compare them by prices and much more.

CompanyPlan name
Pricing / mo


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7host.comSmartUSDUnlimited10GB43s ago
Description: create cloud server, cloud based server hosting, cloud application server
catalyst2.comPower ExtraUSD13 160GB8GB43s ago
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nogics.comBusiness ProUSD250GB20GBGermany Germany41s ago
Description: cloud based server backup solutions, server monitoring tool, cloud hosted servers
bdinfotech.comStandardUSD500MB25MBBangladesh Bangladesh39s ago
Description: dedicated server hosting australia, cloud based server backup, server backups
HostwayBlue GumUSD37 100000 MB800 MBAustralia Australia59s ago
Description: server monitor android, raid server recovery, sql server recovery
Domain & Webspace Manuel Tremmel2GB + .de Domain 3 JahreUSDUnlimited1.95GBGermany Germany57s ago
Description: cloud backup services for servers, server monitoring cloud, windows server monitoring tools
RatiokontaktOxidWeb MUSD53 Unlimited10GBGermany Germany28s ago
Description: exchange server monitoring, windows server recovery, server monitoring
Pixel X e.K.Cloud Webhosting XLUSD23 Unlimited500.00GBGermany Germany54s ago
Description: running wordpress on windows server, linux server monitoring, windows 2008 server backup 20GB1GB30s ago
Description: cloud file servers, sql server backup strategy, small business server backup solutions Unmetered4GBCANADA49s ago
Description: systems management server, windows cloud servers, cloud backup servers Africa South Africa14s ago
Description: best server backup solution, server cloud canada, cost of cloud server
jumphosting.hkSilverUSD13 10Gb500MBHong Kong34s ago
Description: xen server backup, monitor windows server performance, server backup solution
Loomes AG (Deutschland)Loomes Business GoldUSD28 Unlimited73,24GBGermany Germany57s ago
Description: back up servers, server on cloud, cloud server setup
ehosting.comStarterUSD1GB25GB 54s ago
Description: cloud server host, cloud server services, server disaster recovery
SynServer - Powered by Plusserver AGHost MegaUSD75 Unlimited46GBGermany Germany59s ago
Description: how to backup server, performance monitor windows server 2008 r2, monitoring server performance
Campusspeicher GmbHProfessor (250GB / 5 Domains / Premium Support)USD15 Unlimited250GBGermany Germany26s ago
Description: online server backup solutions, monitoring server software, cloud vs server
hosttech GmbHpemiumKMUUSDUnlimited34.17GBGermany Germany17s ago
Description: server image backup, sql server backup table, cloud virtual servers
20m.comWordPressUSD20GB2GB49s ago
Description: cloud server solutions, window server backup, cloud backup for servers
inc.clCorporateUSD12 25GBUnlimitedChile Chile49s ago
Description: hp server monitoring software, australian dedicated server hosting, servermonitor 48s ago
Description: server network monitoring software, windows server 2003 installation, server network monitoring
NetspaceBronzeUSD16 Unlimited125 MBAustralia Australia55s ago
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DM Solutions e.K.Reseller Basic v3USD40 Unlimited35.00GBGermany Germany24s ago
Description: online server backup, windows server backup system state, cloud plex server
untsolutions-tz.comGrayUSD10GB500MBTanzania Tanzania37s ago
Description: cloud server provider, server monitoring dashboard, simple server monitoring
ewebguru.comStarter PlanUSD32 100GB10GB16s ago
Description: cloud servers reviews, server 2008 image backup, sql server with check option
lithiumhosting.comEconomyUSD3GB100GBUnited States United States42s ago
Description: backblaze server backup, creating a cloud server, web server monitoring tools
Celeros Online KGWebhosting ProfiUSD10 Unlimited24.41GBGermany Germany12s ago
Description: cloud server costs, windows server 2003 group policy editor, best server backup
starhostbd.comBasicUSD10GB500MBBagladesh23s ago
Description: cloud backup server, datacenter server architecture, online backup servers
uniqinfotech.comAdvancedUSD100GB10GBIndia India53s ago
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Webhost Germany c/o WHG Internetservice UG (haftungsbeschränkt)web SUSDUnlimited10.00GBGermany Germany27s ago
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Checking plagiarism – commercial and free plagiarism checkers

To detect plagiarism, a number of detection tools are used worldwide. The practice of verifying student work on the occurrence of plagiarism is becoming a common practice in colleges. There are a number of tools. Below we list some of them, including plagiarism checkers for free.

The name of software / programs used by institutions

iThenticate is a detection software for searching for non-original passages - plagiaries. This tool allows publishers, companies, and companies to instantly verify the origin / originality of documents and manuscripts. It also allows them to determine whether their IP documents are not being used unlawfully in the Internet environment. The system is available at:
Turnitin is one of the most widely used software to detect plagiarism. The system is available at:
Moss (Measure Of Software Similarity) is an automated system that searches for similarities in C, C ++, Java, Pascal, Ada, ML, Lisp. This is an Internet service that serves to reveal plagiarism in programming. Moss can be used for Unix or Windows systems. Stanford University is responsible for the system and you can find its site here:
JPlag is a system that looks for similarity in software code. It is available at this address: offers a set of programs to prevent plagiarism, review articles, and online learning environments in which teachers can work with student ratings and grade their submited work online. MyDropBox is available here:

Individual software - desktop plagiarism checkers

Copy Catch Gold - A plagiarism detection system is available on the Managed Windows Service (MWS). It is used to detect plagiarism in electronic materials. Copy Catch compares documents selected by the classroom (one-year student work, all submitted work, etc.) and displays the degree of similarity to other works.
The Essay Verification Engine (EVE2) is software-consistency control software. Free trial is for 15 days.
Glatt - these are three softwares that allow you to detect plagiarism.
Plagiarism Finder is a Windows application that is executable on any computer with Internet access. It checks the document's consistency and creates a detailed report in which it highlights the identical passages with a reference to the source.
WcopyFind compares parts of text or words in phrases. The software can not search websites and the Internet, nor can it work with pdf format.
Scan My Essay - a text-matching system, it is a free plagiarism checker.
Plag Tracker - Free online application Plag Tracker with unique control algorithm. Lack a support for special characters.

Local country programs / software - a system for detecting plagiarism between final papers. The Masaryk University Brno is behind the development and operation. The system serves both Czech and foreign universities and universities as a national register of final works (information on works - title, author, ...) and as a repository of search for plagiarism. The system allows representatives of participating schools to place work and search for plagiaries among them. - a system for detection of plagiarism in seminar and other school works. It is linked to system and thus compares the content with the final university work.


Document sharing in LibreOffice

Many users, especially from corporate environments, solve the problem of file sharing within a business or other similar groups. So, whether you're a clerk, a private company, or a public institution, you'll experience the problem of working with multiple users in one file everywhere. And we are dealing with this issue in this article.
Although a number of proprietary solutions are ready for users, their use is highly controversial. For example, the use of Microsoft's cloud solutions faces several critical issues. The first is to share data in unauthorized hands; for the next one, it will not be possible (from 2020) to use OneDrive for Microsoft Office (Office 365 subscription will be needed).
We will confine ourselves to one, respectively in fact, two solutions that are completely different - both are built on LibreOffice, one is local / desktop, one cloud.

About LibreOffice History and Features

The beginnings of LibreOffice go back to the mid-1990s, when it was launched as a commercial StarOffice from Sun Microsystems, which was then released to the community (source codes were published) under the name After Sun's acquisition by Oracle, developers have been convinced that Oracle's is burying the project, so they set up their own project, called LibreOffice, backed by The Document Foundation, based in Munich.
The use of the source code for the newly-founded LibreOffice project is a clear counter-argument to anyone who claims that the use of community-based free software is a risk; on the contrary, the risk is the use of closed software - by ending Microsoft, for example, will be the end of production of new versions of Windows and MS Office, as well as repairing Microsoft's security flaws.
The world's leading software companies such as Google, Red Hat, Canonical, Novell, as well as the smaller companies such as Collabora, have been included in the project. LibreOffice soon became the largest free project on Linux and one of the most dynamically developing ever. In parallel, OpenOffice was co-hosted by the Apache Software Foundation in cooperation with IBM, but the development has completely stopped.
Because LibreOffice is open, it has more developers than Microsoft. Not only that, the number of formal errors in LibreOffice dropped to 0.00. However, the high quality of the source code is not the main thing that the user goes to LibreOffice. This is, of course, the functionality provided by this package, expandable with numerous plugins.
LibreOffice is now taken seriously by European and world governments to become key software e.g. in the French, British, Australian, Icelandic, Hungarian administrations, used in education, at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, or was still in use in Parliament's Chamber of Deputies The Czech Republic, municipal offices, libraries, etc.
LibreOffice has a very robust export to PDF, supports both standardized PDF-A and PDF signatures, creating hybrid files (PDF files with an embedded source document - the PDF file can be easily opened directly in LibreOffice). Also important is the import of PDF files.
LibreOffice is used as a native Open Document Format, a certified and approved standard for the transfer of office documents under the BSO / BEC 26300, the expanded format 1.2 is registered under BSO / BEC 26300-1 / 2015 to BSO / BEC 26300-3 / 2015.
This format has become the default format in Britain (approved last year), in France, it is also used elsewhere, for example in Italy, the Netherlands, etc. The use of an open format with open software makes governments eliminate the vendor lock-in. The Swedish Parliament has been considering legalizing the ban on the use of closed software in the state administration.

LibreOffice Sharing

The question of file sharing needs to be split into local file sharing (FTP, network, shared disk) and online. In the first case, you can connect remotely to the remote file from the File | menu Open a remote file, then select the connection type and set the appropriate login information. However, a simpler option is to open a remote file file manager as a file located on your disk. (Of course, a given file manager must be able to connect via the appropriate protocol.)
This way, you can share your files with Writer or Impress, but it has a hook - other users will not be warned that the file has been changed by other users at the time of the last save. However, this does not concern the sharing of Calc spreadsheets. Calc provides enhanced sharing functionality, and if you choose to share files and manage them through LibreOffice's local installation, we recommend using the Calc module. You can share the workbook with the Tools | Share the workbook.
A confirmation dialog will appear, listing the users sharing the file. If another user opens the file, his name will be added to this list.
Some features in shared workbooks are disabled, you know them to be grayed out and unavailable. Storing is well solved - it detects the status of the stored data with an already stored file (saved by someone else), and in principle there are two possibilities:
  •     The file has been changed by another user, but it does not affect your records.
  •     The file has been changed and conflicts with your data.
In the first case, only the highlighting of parts changed by another user is displayed, in the second you will see a dialog box where you can either accept or exclude changes to other users, or, alternatively, enforce yours.
A great tool is also to record and manage the changes made in the document. We have devoted this issue to the whole large article, which focuses on Writer, but for the most part applies to Calc. Beware, this feature is unavailable in shared workbooks.

LibreOffice Online

From the end of 2015, you can use the cloud version of LibreOffice. Better said: cloud versions. There are several of them, literally even more. With regard to open code, anyone can implement this service. The big advantage is that it is literally offered to all - it is possible to install a LibreOffice cloud solution on your own server.

Sharing and collaborating in LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice Online as well as various other derivatives represent the best solution for remote document management, especially with a focus on multi-user collaboration at the same time. Users see online changes made to documents, see who has done them, confirm or revoke them. LibreOffice Online and a similar service from Collabora, Collabora Office Online is available.


How to check text for plagiarism

Plagiarism can destroy the reputation of students and professionals and can have legal repercussions. Consequently, it is important that it is avoided, and the following are some of the ways how texts can be checked for plagiarism;
  • One should generate a personal account and buy credits. For instance, one should sign up for unrestricted versions to be able to log in. The user should then select a package that is most suitable for his personal needs. By signing up, one owns a plagiarism checker account that enables him to access the site and check for any wrongly written text. Further, there are other available options for tutoring besides grammar and plagiarism check that allow professional critique papers.
  • Paper submission. Next, the student or any professional should then upload his paper or document into this site for screening for any plagiarized part. Upon submission, the user should wait briefly for the search engine to examine the text to provide the required feedback. Normally, the process of plagiarism screening takes a short period to complete and it can be less than a minute but can also depend on the size of the document. At times, the period of the year can also impact the duration of plagiarism check.
  • Reviewing results. At this point, the user evaluates his outcomes carefully when they are ready and analyses any underlined or emphasized issues on the text. The plagiarism checker can highlight the matching parts, which do not necessarily reflect plagiarism. The report on plagiarism should include the uniqueness percentage and should underline all the copied expressions and words. Users can exclude contents contained in the reference part if highlighted as matches by clicking exclude normally found on the lower and right side of the article. The similarity index normally appearing on the top of the web page shows the level of identified matching content in the report. However, the level of matching allowed depends on the instructor because different instructors set dissimilar minimum and maximum similarity score that is permissible.
  • Revise the text. Upon evaluating the outcomes of the text, the user should regenerate the initial document and make all the required rewrites. Further, users are supposed to check and certify that all citations do not contain spelling, grammar, and other usage mistakes relating to writing. Revision of written texts is necessary to enable students and professionals to avoid plagiarism. Revision can comprise of refining one's paraphrasing, enhancing quotes, and offering superior attributions.
  • Lastly, users should again resubmit and check the reviewed report again. Upon editing the checked text, users should again repeat the entire process to ascertain that the plagiarism report is clean and that no text is copied without proper referencing. Upon establishing that the work is plagiarism free, the user should then find the text ready for submission for marking or publishing in cases of professionals.
In addition to the above ways of checking texts for plagiarism, users should try to avoid plagiarism by being selective about the type of resources they utilize when carrying out their surveys and when doing various writing processes. They should do prior research about their intended study before the actual writing by using tools for citation management and relevant research journals. Correctly quoting one's sources and effective paraphrasing during writing is the perfect way of avoiding plagiarism. Subsequently, double checking the bibliography upon completion of writing is essential to eliminate any possible chances of plagiarizing texts.


Webhosting and SEO - how is it connected?

Web hosting has an impact on numerous factors that are related to how well your website performs online. This is why you need to pay close attention to the health of your site.
SEO plays a critical role concerning ranking and traffic that can make a massive difference to how well your website performs.
People do not usually associate their web hosting with SEO. The reality of the situation is entirely different concerning the service provider you're currently using as it may very well be the reason why your webpage ranks poorly.
Let's take a look at some key reasons how your web host can be responsible for an increase or decrease regarding your SEO efforts

The Need for Speed

Seen to be one of the primary factors is how fast your website loads as it is something your major search engine would pay attention to in their overall ranking algorithms.
When your site takes too long to respond, you are going to lose traffic, which can happen if the WiFi connection of the web host is playing up.
When choosing your host, be sure to read reviews on how fast and reliable they are concerning loading times.

Uptime, Downtime, and Rankings

Downtime is a significant issue, and the time your webpage is not available due to server issues. During this time the search engine spiders are trying to access your page, and if it is inaccessible, they will report it as such and move on to the next website.
If this should happen regularly, your website will be branded as unreliable, and your rankings will flop.
At the end of the day, search engine tries and avoid showing unreliable sites in their results as it will reflect poorly on their reputations should searchers click on a result provided by them, and the website is not available.

How Server Performance is a Factor

It is not all that rare to come across server crashes for the following reasons:
  • Servers are not always maintained properly
  • Due to high traffic, a server can become overloaded
  • Older servers cannot always handle shared hosting
  • Malware, various viruses, and so forth
  • It comes down to making the right choice as to which hosting company you choose.

How Some Web Hosting Companies May Improve SEO

It sure is a jungle out there, which makes it hard for those involved in search engine optimization to tie everything together and make the search engines happy.
Many web hosts now offer an additional benefit to ensure your web page gets appropriately optimized for the search engines.
Although the tools provided by some hosting companies, they will at least ensure you do not get dismissed by major search engines for seemingly little glitches that can be fixed quickly. The tools sure are helpful to those who are new to SEO.
Security is another issue as it will be detrimental to your website to get hacked. This is the kind of thing that will significantly hurt your SEO and make it very difficult to recover lost ground concerning how well your website used to rank before.
No doubt your web host must have a secure datacenter, high uptime, sufficient backup website data, and so much more to ensure SEO is taken into consideration around every corner.


How to protect your passwords

Passwords are important in maintaining the privacy of individuals as they protect them from the invasion of privacy and any possible loss of information and important details, such as credit identities, information, and finances. It is therefore important for everyone to protect his passwords, and the following are some of the ways of achieving that;
  • Users should always pick strong passwords. Any password utilization requires one to avoid using weak passwords that can be easily accessed by intruders mainly the hackers. An example of a weak password is 123456 because such passwords can be easily guessed and tried by anyone to gain access to unauthorized sites. Further, when one is prompted to update or create new passwords, it is important that they avoid easy patterns or pins that can be predicted quickly. Organizations, such as TeamsiD and SplashData usually recommend that users should always create passwords containing at least 12 characters, and should comprise both symbols, numbers, and letters.
  • Always ensure the multifactor authentication is efficiently utilized. Normally, most online service providers, such as online banking accounts, Gmail, Yahoo, and Slack enable their users to enhance their security through an extra step that comes between gaining access to their accounts and inserting their passwords. The authentication procedure enables the users to verify their accounts before access and they receive a message code on their devices that they insert to prove ownership before being permitted to use. This process limits intruders from compromising other people's accounts.
  • In cases where the biometric option is provided, users are encouraged to utilize it. With the recent advancements in technology, various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops have enabled users to log in into the devices by the use of fingerprints, and therefore, people are slowly shifting away from the use of passwords. With fingerprints, it is difficult for intruders to gain unauthorized entry into machines and so they guarantee improved security for the owners. Further, the users have the benefit of not having to keep passwords that can be forgotten. Some companies such as HSBC provide services such as touch security and voice recognition to fasten service delivery to clients and improve efficiency.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts. Many people prefer utilizing a single password for several accounts. However, this can be risky as it increases their susceptibility. If hackers manage to guess correctly and obtain the password, they can tamper with several other crucial accounts and can lead to loss of important information. Further, this increases one's ability to be scrutinized by several people trying to obtain access to various websites.
  • In cases of maintaining several accounts, users should contemplate obtaining the services of a password manager. The main purpose of the password managers is to monitor various passwords for different accounts and their usernames to heighten security. Further, using password managers enables users to save time because they can easily log into their accounts by just entering the usernames and passwords. Important to note is also that they offer synchronization services mainly on passwords for various appliances.
  • Do not reveal or disclose your passwords. To effectively ensure that your passwords are protected, one should not give their passwords to anyone as this compromises the security of their accounts.
  • Users should not be victims of phishing. Email owners are encouraged to skeptically approach their emails to avoid this challenge. Equally, users are advised to delete those notes containing attachments from unknown people. Importantly, one should avoid opening suspicious files even from familiar senders.


What You Need to Reach Top Rankings on Google

It was Google who said that creating compelling and highly useful content will influence rankings more than any other factors. For websites aiming to get top rankings on Google or better yet, the number one on the search results page, should take that advice to heart. Indeed, great content can do wonders for your website especially when it comes to achieving better rankings.

The Best Practices: White Hat SEO

First, you must follow the search engine rules. Although this may not directly impact your rankings, it will greatly help. Using strategies and techniques that adhere to Google standards and regulations will not get you a penalty. You wouldn't want this for your website as it may take a long time to redeem yourself. So practice the right techniques first. The results will follow.

5 Steps to Getting Top Rankings in Google

1. Never Ignore SEO Basics

When it comes to SEO, speak your customer's language. Select the right keywords - words your customers always use. Use the keywords that have the biggest relevance to what you're offering to users. Another basic you shouldn't ignore is to create a sitemap for your website. That's for Google to know what's exactly on them.

2. Create World-Class Content

True, content is still king. For your post to stand out from the rest, it should be influential and valuable. Is it relevant to your audience and highly useful? Is it positive, interesting, clear and targeted? When you create engaging content, users will keep coming back. Google will remember you better as well.

3. Repurpose Your Content

Don't just publish articles, convert your article into different content assets. A repurposed content will give you more traffic and would therefore improve your rankings. If you're serious about getting to top, produce more than one content asset. Convert that article into a short ebook, pdf documents, case studies, forum posts, social media posts, infographics, press releases, white papers, email content, and newsletters. Publish them on all social media websites. Doing these are extremely effective to getting better rankings.

4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Most of the users nowadays use their mobile phones in accessing websites and even buying stuff online. To reach out to a wider audience and get better traffic, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. You may need to install some plugins to switch to the mobile version.

5. Your Site Needs to be Fast Enough to Load Articles and Other Posts

You need to make sure that users can download your content quickly on all devices. This is a must if you want to rank higher and keep more users. You may want to choose the best hosting option for this. You can also enable compression and browser caching.
Getting better rankings can improve your business. It can get you more conversions and more customers eventually. Try the five steps above and watch your website climb its way to the top.


10 things where Linux is better than Windows

Discovering whether Windows or Linux is a better option for many people can be an uphill battle. For power users, it might seem that a Windows OS offers an easier usage compared to Linux. Lack of knowledge about Linux distro may lead to making Windows your preferred choice. But in reality, Linux should be your choice. Are you wondering why?
Here are advantages associated with Linux over Windows
It's Open Nature
Unlike Windows, it's possible to access the source codes with Linux.
With Windows OS, one is prone to a variety of attacks. But with Linux, you get a guarantee against such attacks. Linux working system makes it secure compared to Windows. That's why you need to purchase an anti-virus program to protect your Windows. You do not require such protection with the Linux System.
Work Brilliantly in Order Hardware
Windows OS is slower on older hardware. As windows OS evolves, so does the hardware required to run it successfully.
Linux, on the other hand, is compliant with aging machines as it uses fewer system resources.
Consistent User Interface
Let's face it. Windows 8 was one of Microsoft's biggest failure. The level user interface was a disaster, not to mention the windows mode fix by Windows 10.
Linux offers a unified programs design with a single settings menu. The user experience is entirely cohesive and consistent.
Linux runs faster than both Windows 8 and 10.
Unlike in Windows, where all the processing power is taken up by the operating system, Linux utilizes a lighter footprint hence increased performance.
Command Line
Windows CLI is vastly underpowered compared to the superior Linux CLI. For the advanced user, you can do anything when met with only the Linux command line.
There is nothing more nerve wrecking than the 'Installing update 1 of 100' message you're in hurry to turn on your computer for an easy task.
Even more annoying is the updates Windows forces on users without a decent notice period. With a Linux operating system, you get to choose when you want to receive updates without rebooting your operating system.
Linux is Free
If you are using windows, you probably already used up your free Windows upgrade a few years ago and you now have to pay for it.
Linux is free and useful and accessible to the whole public.
Better Support
If you are experiencing problems with your Linux system, or you need is to post a threat in forums, and other people reply with a detailed solution within minutes.
The number of Linux users active on dozens of forums, chat rooms and websites exceed that of any Windows-based forums.
Freedom of Usage
Linux is an open-source operating system that allows you to modify its source as per your requirements.
This allows you full freedom to install applications and you can use it as a desktop, a server or a firewall.
Windows is available in a default desktop theme, whereas Linux allows you to choose from various desktop themes.


AutoHotKey review - shortcuts saving your time

What it does
This free, open-source scripting language for Windows, which comes with UNICODE and ANSI options and can be downloaded at, is designed to enable easy creation of keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts, macros and software automation. It can also be used to reassign existing Windows shortcuts to other tasks, and to create hotstrings. A hotstring converts your personal shorthand keystrokes into full text: for example, turning "iirc" into "if I remember correctly". All of these functions can greatly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks which would otherwise eat into your day.
How it does it
AutoHotKey (AHK_L) is advertised as being suitable both for beginners and for experienced developers, and because it is comparatively simple it can be used to test program prototypes . "Beginner" is a relative term, however. There is a nice clear Beginner Tutorial at to get you started, but it would certainly be useful to have prior experience of scripting. It is assumed that anybody using the tutorial already knows what If statements, loops and variables etc. are, and won't be smitten with panic at the sight of a curly bracket.
Users report that AutoHotKey has a broadly similar feel to C. Scripts are written into plain text files with the suffix .ahk, and multiple independent scripts may be written one below the other in the same file. Right-click on a .ahk file to open it for editing, or double-click it to run the script or scripts it contains. Scripts usually act in response to the keyboard, mouse or joystick, but can also be designed to run automatically on Startup. They can be set to affect only certain kinds of window: for example to take action if you press a particular key combination in a browser window but not in an Office one.
The developers provide extensive libraries and lists of commands and functions, and the level of support is excellent. The syntax is fairly clear, but some of it is rather contradictory. For example, an exclamation point represents the actual text-character if it is enclosed in curly brackets, and the Alt key if it is on its own, but Enter represents the Enter key if it is enclosed in curly brackets, and the text-string "Enter" if it is on its own.
Why it does it
AHK was originally designed by Chris Mallet in 2003, but a more advanced version, AHK_L, was introduced by Steve Grey in 2009. Following a community-wide dispute about which version should be the official one, plus a hacking attack and many bugs at the old website, Charlie Simmons set up the current site. It is administered in part through moderated forums where members may ask for advice or suggest improvements to this ongoing project.
AutoHotKey software is free, and the administrators have pledged that it always will be, although voluntary donations may occasionally be solicited. It is offered as a service to the online community by The AutoHotKey Foundation LLC,
Although not quite as user-friendly as the developers claim, this is a powerful and flexible tool which could greatly simplify your life, once you've got to grips with the syntax.


What is PING command good for?

PING stands for "Packet Internet Groper," and is a very useful command which is used in both Windows and Linux-based operating systems. PING is a handy utility which sends packets of data over a network to see if it arrives at its destination without any errors. This makes it a very powerful testing and troubleshooting tool for network administrators.
The PING command can be used to test any network device's availability. When you use the Ping command to contact a network point, a PING is sent to that device, which then bounces the signal back to you, which is referred to as the echo. If the echo comes back without errors, then you know that the device is connected properly. If you receive no reply (a time-out error), then the device is either powered down, disconnected, or it has not been configured correctly onto the network. Further troubleshooting will reveal if the problem lies with the device or with the network

Using the PING Command

To access the PING command, use the Windows command prompt or a Linux terminal window. The simplest and most straightforward way to use the PING utility is to ping an IP address or device/network host name. For example, to PING an IP address, you would type "ping" (Google), or even "ping". To PING a device on the network, you can use its name. For example, "ping OfficePC3".
If you are successfully communicating with the destination you pinged, you will receive a reply message which contains data about its delay, measured in milliseconds. If you fail to communicate with the address you pinged, then after a few attempts, you will receive a response which informs you that the request timed out.

Troubleshooting Your Network With PING

So how does this help with fault-finding? When there is a problem with the network and you need to know where it is originating from, or which segment is affected, the PING command is an excellent way to trace the break down in communication. You can use the PING command to contact all the network interfaces which are connected on the network. When a PING does not send an echo then that is an indication that that network point is affected. Should every PING return a successful result except for the IP4, then this would be an indication that the issue exists between the server and the router itself.

Advanced PING Commands

The nifty commands covered here are just the basic PING tool features; there are in fact a range of advanced PING switches available to you. To access these, simply type ping/? in the command prompt or terminal window, and the menu of advanced options will be listed for you.


Using temporary email for spam protection

Usually, junk normally fills the internet and spam is among the most familiar junk pieces. Subsequently, several people receive spam emails in their routine activities and this can be an annoying thing to the users. Despite some email service providers offering abundant filtering services for spam, it is often not enough and so the need for temporary emails. These emails are often registered ones by filling an email for leading to spam. The following are some of the service providers that provide the services of temporary emails to avoid spam.


This one is ranked among the best and preferred temporary provider of email services. Also, Mailinator provides feeds such as RSS, which is website usable widget and enables users to erase messages in case it is used concurrently with another person. Mailinator enables deleting of shared emails by providing all discrete emails with alternative emails. Further, it offers 7 domains that ensure that all spam details are relayed to one mail.


The user interface for this temporary email service provider is much more advanced compared to the several other available temporary email providers. Evidently, this kind of interface makes YopMail seem almost like a genuine webmail. Among the notable features contained in YopMail that enable it to offer spam protection services include widgets, RSS feeds, email viewers that are authentic, and it enables users to delete messages. In addition, YopMail permits users to send messages to other users who own similar Yopmail accounts. Important to note is that YopMail functions just like a webmail that is full blown.


This temporary email service provider is also among the best and most acknowledged ones globally because of its extreme minimalism and easiness to utilize. These aspects improve the efficiency and performance of temporary emails to prevent spam. This temporary email protects spam by first creating a new mailbox that often generates random emails with temporary addresses that can be used in any place on the web. Despite the ability to extend the period of stay of emails, its standard stay time is usually 3 hours, and so, this significantly protects spam. Just like YopMail, MintEmail also has the capacity of forwarding emails to various email addresses but only for a specified period for only a few desirable emails. Evidently, this is convenient as the users do not have to check their MintMails constantly.


In this case, FilzMail offers various RSS feed standards for numerous temporary email assistance. Further, it offers emails that are long-lasting and a clean interface. Equally, FilzMail provides an option to their users to set their personal addresses for temporary mails. The other alternative offered by FalzMail is the generation of automatically updated temporary addresses that enable spam protection.


This one has its removal time for temporary emails reliant on the server load, which can be few days or hours. It also offers personal choices for logging in through login names containing at most 25 characters. Further, it provides user inboxes with RSS feeds and Firefox add-ons. Mailcatch also enables email forwarding that adds time to protect spam.


This one protects spam by deleting emails within a period of 2 hours and 3 days. Evidently, smaller emails stay longer in the system. MyTrashMail also offers users their own login name choice. Further, users can send unspecified emails and its inbox is more secured through protection of passwords for email addresses, and so, sufficiently protecting spam. Lastly, MyTrashMail enables users to forward emails to their available real addresses.


What is Dell iDrac?

Every Dell Power Edge server comes along with a lifecycle controller that allows you to manage it remotely on a mobile device or the traditional console.

Features of the iDRAC system

iDRAC is a lifetime controller that also comes along with a chassis management controller and forms the basis of Dell's enterprise network management systems. It enables intelligent cooperation of severs. The intelligent co-operation comes along with automated control of servers and easy networking of modules in racks. A friendly user graphic interface is also available making management of the consoles very easy. You can thus integrate the dell systems as you would wish via this graphic interface. There is also an added option for those that might opt for command lines instead of the graphical user interface. The command line interface comes with scripted routines that provide ready access to the already available onboard automation that manages your present operations.

The Lifecycle Controller

iDRAC is an abbreviation that stands for Integrated Dell Remote Access controller. The lifecycle controller ensures that there is an embedded management in every connected server. It is this functionality that assists you in deploying, monitoring and maintaining the servers without necessarily having an extra software management. This means that there is no need for a hypervisor when using it. The agent also allows you to install new settings without any extra software. The best thing about it is that it can remotely advise you if the server goes down or if there are any urgent issues that you need to attend to urgently.

Chassis Management

When you are working with multiple storage devices, it's imperative that that you use a server management software that allows for quick and easy management. The iDRAC comes along with easy and quick management modules via OpenManage. This feature combines both software and hardware features to assist you in ensuring that everything runs well without interruptions. This CMC doesn't require any additional software. You thus can effortlessly deploy, manage, monitor and work with anything within the chassis. This might include your storage drives, switches and servers too.

Power Management

This system is really innovative as it uses its own separate connection. You can login and restart it even when the system has crashed. If you have installed iDRAC properly and added required drivers, the system should shut down gracefully even after the crushing has occurred. This prevents loss of logs and crucial files.

Virtual Media and Access

This system will allow you to remotely mount disks that are being shared on a network as long as they are connected. The most amazing this is that you can install operating systems on these disks remotely. Traditionally, you could only install an operating system from the console. Most operations on the serves can be done remotely.
iDRAC is a feature that continues to change the way management of servers is done across the board. It has systematically made several procedures easy and accessible remotely.


What type of open source IOT platforms can build a smart city?

The IoT platform continues to evolve with multiple vendors fighting to establish their market in smart cities. It explains the increasing need for open-source platforms as they allow the vendors to keep up with the changes in requirements and specifications of the IoT platform. The discussion highlights several open-source platforms that will help vendors create a smart city:

Kaa Project

It is an open source project that has been created to foster management, development, and the integration of smart devices. This cloud-based platform is compatible with every application and scales out to accommodate start-ups and large enterprises.


It is an open-source, JavaScript-based platform, hardware independent platform that helps IoT technology to communicate. NetBeast creates an environment-agnostic framework that allows users to ignore specifications such as brand-specific public APIs, wireless protocols and detection of devices


It is the best IoT platform for software and hardware developers. Arduino is a cloud-based system that has its programming language and allows developers to send messages from one board to another. The platform is ideal for developers looking to create an interactive application designed for the IoT economy. The hardware and software parts are designed for customers who are not conversant with programming making it perfect for beginners who want to venture into this technology.


It is a framework that focuses on the development of IoT applications. Macchina.IO is designed for Linux-based devices making it ideal for companies looking to connect smart devices run on this operating system.


It is a server-based platform used for turning devices to API. Zetta has been created on Node.js and is exclusively designed for the pioneers of the internet of things. It largely depends on the cloud hence can be run from any place. Zetta is ideal for data-intensive IoT applications as it can be used together with Arduino to bring out the best parts of WebSockets and reactive programming.


It is one of the oldest open source IoT platforms that remain relevant. ThingSpeak stores and retrieves data using the HTTP protocol via a Local Area Network. As a result, the application aids in the creation of location tracking apps, sensor logging applications as well as a social network of things. It is hailed as the most effective tools for gathering large data and web design applications. ThingSpeak provides easy-to-read visualizations and is compatible with other open source tools.

Home Assistant

This open source IoT platform is ideal for people looking to exploit the increasing use of smart appliances at home. Home Assistant is designed for developers who want to enhance connectivity between the internet and a homeowner's living space. Home Assistant runs on Python hence customized for the internet of things applications like monitoring and interacting with smart devices at home. The only downside to this open source platform is the lack of cloud which makes it unsuitable for constant internet connection. However, Home Assistant comes in handy during internet outages and always keeps the data secure.

Device Hub

It is a machine-to-machine communications platform that allows users to connect, create and visualize their applications. Device Hub carries a huge potential if used to tap into the growing automation market. It is a cloud-based tool that is easy to use and offers remote control over operations. Developers using Device Hub can access features such as DataArt's large user network that allows them to find assistance easily. The platform has a rich IoT framework which makes it ideal for the developer who wants to participate in future markets while relying on open source applications.


What is the use of meta tags in SEO?

Meta Tags are one of the most basic elements used in Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing. Everyone who is involved in marketing products or ideas on the internet must come across Meta Tags constantly, and knowing how they are used, why they work, and what benefits they offer is crucial to the success of any online marketing campaign.
A Mata Tag is an invisible 'tag' that provides a horde of information about a web page to search engines and site visitors. These tags are included in the page design to make it easier for search engines to determine what the page is about, what the site is concerned about, and how search engines should classify the content in the page.
Meta Tags are often placed within the
section of the website's HTML document and are therefore coded in the website's CMS. Depending on the versatility of the platform that powers the website, the process may be as simple as including meta tags 'out-of-the-box' or it may involve some deeper integration into the content. Modern CMS solutions such as WordPress feature dedicated sections where the publisher can publish meta tags including canonical links and meta descriptions for more advanced integration.

Why are Meta Tags so important?

Meta tags are strings of text that essentially provide more details about a website, and its content, to search engines and website visitors. This information is very important in ensuring that users who search for specific keywords in search engines get only the most relevant SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The tags are optimized to highlight the most essential elements of the website content and to make sure that the page gets highly ranked in the results page, besides making the page stand out.
It is no secret that most people in the world today find the information they want primarily through search engines. As search engines become increasingly valuable in helping ordinary content consumers find the right information and enjoy good user experiences in the process, meta tags are emerging as the unseen helpers that is used to make sure a website meets a user's query as best as possible. Pages that are properly optimized for search engines with the appropriate meta tags will not only offer the most relevant results for each search, it also provide a list of concise and useful summary about the page in a useful fashion.

Types of Meta Tags

There are many different types of meta tags used in optimizing websites for search engine crawlers. Some of the tags can be optimized to highlight the most important elements of the page's content while others are meant to make the website stand out in search results. How each type of meta tags is used largely depends on anticipated results and the type of content they 'tag'.
The two most important types of tags used in modern websites are:
Title tag: This is one of the first things that a user notices in Search Engine Result Pages. It is essentially the title of the page along with a brief overview of what the page content is about.
Meta description: Equally important is the meta description. The meta description appears just below the title tag in SERPs and is a snippet of information that offers a more accurate description of the content on the page.


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